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Property Crowdfunding Secured Lending


5-10% performance target


Property Fimo Crowd is a platform where individuals can invest from 1000 € in real estate projects with a return target of 5-10% per year *




Property Fimo Crowdfunding enables you to join like-minded people to invest in property – everyone contributing a small amount of money and sharing in the profits proportionately.


The Fimo Crowd offers simple, transparent property investments that remove the uncertainties usually faced by small investors and enabling virtually anybody to build a property based investment portfolio that delivers predictable, consistent returns. We believe in diversifying your investments and therefore we offer a range of products with varying levels of risk and reward for you to invest in.


You can invest in long term or short term projects, 2+2 loans secured against property, equity investments, i.e. shares in companies that purchase buy to let property and develop to sell projects. Some of these investments will enable you to take advantage of annual tax free allowances for CGT or dividend income. Our peer to peer secured loans offer short term investments with fixed return so you know exactly what to expect. Returns on our buy to let investments (equity investments) may vary and will depend upon the actual rents received and/or the amount received when the property is sold.


You can decide which investments are best suited to you.


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Independent global property crowdfunding platform conceived with institutional and professional investors in mind.

Institutional grade debt and equity property crowdfunding investments in partnership with best-in-class institutional loan arrangers and asset managers.





Property Fimo Crowd is part of Fimo Finance, which will launch a cross-border property trading exchange in 2017.

All securities originated on our platform will be listed for trading, offering investors real-time access to an exchange order book.



Institutional Grade Property Investment


You can now invest through a Property Fimo Crowdfunding



Streamlined and efficient facilitation of investment appraisal and transaction.

Standardised deal structuring facilitates ease of comparison, analysis, and allocation.





Property Fimo Crowd is part of Fimo Finance & Fimoholidays SA.


As an independent owner and operator of cross-border marketplaces, Fimo Finance works with industry leaders that have proven credibility and track records – as rightly expected by professional investors.

We believe that traded markets are the best solution for enabling widespread access and transparent price discovery in all asset classes. With a clear modus operandi in the realm of private securities and alternative investments, our initial focus is on the world’s largest, yet least evolved asset class: real estate.

Our founders and advisors have harnessed their experience and skills to form a team geared to drive a unique and powerful proposition into reality. This requires a diverse, in-depth knowledge of property investment, the global financial regulatory landscape, and traded markets.



Property Fimo Crowd is an independent marketplace platform offering property crowdfunding investments exclusively to institutional and professional investors.


We provide our investors with simple, transparent access to institutional grade debt and equity property investment opportunities in major international markets, offered in partnership with best-in-class institutional loan arrangers and asset managers.


Our origination partners are established industry leaders who bring their track record, experience, and core competence to every opportunity. They undertake all critical aspects of deal origination, due diligence, and strategic management.




Our unique Prime Fimo Model delivers a comprehensive institutional grade infrastructure behind every investment opportunity offered on our platform. Integrated transactional arrangements, institutional counter-party standards, comprehensive cross-border regulatory compliance, and mitigation of single point of failure weakness form the backbone of an approach that professional and institutional investors demand.


Our listing requirements ensure that all relevant information is made available to potential investors. Ongoing reporting requirements ensure that our investors receive timely and comprehensive information




Our € 1,000 minimum investment facilitates and encourages diversification. Debt, equity, and hybrid investment opportunities in major international markets allow our investors to allocate funds across a broad risk and return spectrum.


Property Fimo Crowd provides investors with access to these institutional grade property investment opportunities without the high transaction costs and substantial capital and management commitments associated with a direct investment approach.




Property Fimo Crowd is part of Fimo Finance, which will launch a cross-border property trading exchange in 2017. All securities originated by Property Crowd will be listed on this exchange, offering investors the real-time liquidity of an exchange order book.


Our independent marketplace platform represents a robust revolution in real estate, opening up the previously high-friction world of institutional grade property investment to a much wider market, with a cutting-edge approach.


Prime Fimo Model




The Fimo Finance Prime Fimo Model is a proprietary, cross-border, regulatory-compliant infrastructure for alternative investments.


Designed to provide professional investors with the transactional integrity and custody safeguards that they expect in the domain of publicly-listed securities, our infrastructure model is unique, cutting-edge, and reflects our mission to revolutionise investment in the global alternatives arena.

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